Effective Personal Leadership

Personal leadership is the ability to lead yourself, to be a leader of your own life. Most people just let life happen to them and then suffer the consequences. Personal leaders determine the life they want, and then through planning and action make it happen.


Effective Personal Leadership® (EPL) - All individuals within an organization take on significance as they represent the organization to the outside world and as they interact within the organization.  Their personal motivation and self-image are key to how they perform, respond, and lead.  LMI's Effective Personal Leadership program helps people: Personal Leadership

  • Realize their potential for personal leadership through building on strengths and improving self-image
  • Make choices for success by overcoming past conditioning
  • Increase self-motivation by altering attitudes, behaviors, and habits
  • Develop a written and specific Plan of Action for success 


True Level 4 Development Program



Personal leadership also means becoming a Total Person® - growing and developing in all six areas of life. Total Person Wheel

Change is a process that involves planning, training, goal setting, and practical application. It's not easy to do alone. That's why thousands of clients worldwide have turned to us. LMI's process embraces a person's personal Plan of Action based on the Total Person® concept. We understand that each person in your company or organization is a complex, unique individual with many roles to fill in life. Our Plan of Action empowers people to balance all these different areas by helping them to do self-evaluations and set personal values, priorities, and goals. It is a proven fact that when each area of life is receiving the proper attention, people become more satisfied and productive. And when people are productive organizations are productive. When people raise the bar on quality, customers see the difference.


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