Effective Personal Management

What would you do with an extra month?

Would you use it to accomplish more at work or would you spend it pursuing another passion?

Most people don’t control their “free” time and so it ends up  filled with other people’s agendas. Competing priorities, critical deadlines, and an ever-growing mountain of e-mail often leave today’s executive feeling overwhelmed. Being able to allocate  time and set priorities  appropriately are critical skills for achieving your goals. Taking control of your schedule and  understanding  the value of your time enables you to increase personal productivity and enhance your quality of life.

LMI’s unique process of time management capitalizes on proven  strategies and techniques  to set priorities and manage the daily pressures of meeting all of the important and urgent commitments in your life.

Since 1966, Leadership Management®, Inc. has focused on helping businesses develop high performance management.

Our workshop is designed to give you first hand experience of LMI’s unique process through its Effective Personal Management® course. This program will enable you to:

  • Define a personal mission statement

  • Set goals and achieve desired results

  • Set value based priorities

  • Plan and monitor daily work habits

  • Align action plans with goals

  • Improve communication skills

  • Implement productive meeting strategies

  • Better manage information

  • Balance work and personal life

Spend one day with LMI Dallas/Fort Worth and receive an extra month this year!

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