The Productive Executive

Harvard Business School author, Jeffrey Pfeffer, writes in his book, The Human Equation, the companies which produced the most sustained growth emphasized "High Performance Management" practices. Pfeffer states that regardless of the company’s size or its use of technology: "substantial gains, on the order of 40 percent or so in most of the studies, can be obtained from implementing high performance management practices."

Our new Productive Executive program is a great year-long process for our current and past clients who want to maintain a razor sharp edge. It will fine tune the skills and mindsets they acquired in past development courses. They will further their undering and practice of:


  • Develop high performance employees and managers

  • Set goals and achieve desired results

  • Better control priorities

  • Evaluate attitudes and make effective changes

  • Implement productive meeting strategies

  • Break free of ingrained habits

  • True Level 4 Development Program


Click Here if you are interested in enrolling in an upcoming The Producitve Executive program.

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