Andrea Baker, Director
Andrea Baker

Andrea Baker is an expert at getting results. Her background in the international business community and her track record of success give LMI clients a real edge.

Andrea spent a good part of the last twenty years ascending the ranks of Nokia's financial control and accounting sector. A native of South Africa, she advanced through Nokia in South Africa and Europe before moving to Seattle. When she and her family settled in the DFW area, she brought her extensive knowledge of international business culture and practices to LMI.

Analytical by nature, Andrea's focus is always on results. She recognizes the value in LMI's processes, and sees the results clients achieve through LMI's programs — and the accountability they encourage. Her great strength is strategic planning and helping clients analyze their priorities and identify which action will lead to their goals. Andrea gives LMI clients belief and encouragement. She is uniquely qualified to help them reach the next step, because she's done it so often herself. Her question is, always, “What's next?”




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