Results Management


"The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival." - Aristotle


Leader-directed, positive change is not about direction but transformation. The degree of organizational awareness is the single most determining factor in managing effective change.

Organizational awareness is a level of understanding for both the organization and its leaders regarding current capacity, abilities, potential, and results.

Organizational awareness fosters insight that can transform "good" results into "great" achievement.

All development programs and assessments offered by LMI have been thoroughly evaluated and tested in the field. Each one is specifically selected or developed to relate to a particular segment of a prospective or existing employment relationship.

When properly implemented by our trained and thoughtful administrators, these instruments can dramatically impact your success.

  • Organizational Strategic Analysis®

  • Profile Evaluation System™ Assessment

  • Before You Hire Assessment

  • Organizational Needs Inventory®

  • Development Needs Inventory™ 360° Assessment



  Transformation cannot take
place in a vacuum void of insight.

A high degree of organizational awareness improves organizational analysis, hiring and staffing decisions, teambuilding, communication, culture, and leadership style.

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