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Leadership Management Institute (LMI) is the way to expand your market. Even in a difficult economy, with increased competition and declining demand, you can still achieve the growth you want for your business.

LMI has the solution.

The answer to thriving in a declining market is innovation. You can achieve more with less, retain and develop your human capital and get the very best results possible — with the right help.

LMI's unique process is the product of forty years of experience in producing measurable results. Our system has a history of achievement for more than one million individuals worldwide.

                        Your business + LMI =
                                    High performance at every level
                                    Increased profitability
                                    Leaders working to their full capabilities

Our mission is to assist each person within our client organizations to progressively realize their worthwhile, predetermined goals.
Our purpose is to help small-to-medium sized organizations achieve the success they desire by equipping them for strategic planning and results-based organizational development.

Our history
LMI has been developing leaders and organizations to their full potential for forty years. The company began with Paul J. Meyer, a man known for his ability to transform ideas into goals, and goals into phenomenal success. He wanted to help individuals and organizations learn how to develop their own skills in setting and achieving goals. Meyer viewed success as encompassing the Total Person®, and his approach addressed all areas of life: family and home, financial and career, mental and educational, physical and health, social and cultural, and spiritual and ethical. He developed materials and organized a learning process.

The system worked, and other business people joined Meyer. From that beginning in central Texas in 1966, the corporation has grown, and its materials are now produced in 23 languages and marketed in more than 60 countries.

LMI's unique process is supported and facilitated by materials that have been developed and refined by the best minds in business and human development. Our powerful success and outstanding leaders continue to illustrate the belief that is still our foundation: Every man and woman can prepare to meet today's leadership and business management challenges. We know how to help each of them grow to their full potential.

LMI Today

Business today demands high performance. The qualities of leadership are no longer an 'extra.' They are the qualities that are necessary in every employee if your business is to advance in the complicated, competitive economy of the 21st century. Your organization must have effective leadership to survive. To prosper, you'll have to have an effective team with creative, innovative leaders at every level.

LMI has the tools and information you need to build that team. All you have to do is set the process in motion.





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