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  Paul J. Meyer, who founded Success Motivation Institute and Leadership Management Institute and lived his life encouraging others, died at his home early Monday morning surrounded by his family. He was 81.

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  The Upside to the Downturn
Now more than ever, organizations need strong, practical, and actionable insights to address key business issues and spark innovation.
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Our new Prdocutive Executive program is a great year-long process for our current and past clients who want to maintain a razor sharp edge.

Our next meeting is August 20th.
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  Executive Showcase

The LMI Executive Showcase provides a risk-free opportunity to experience and confirm the benefits of LMI's Strategic Development process.

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  The Total Leader Concept:

The Total Leader Concept is a four phase process based on proven principles and experience for complete leadership development. As the world of business has changed and evolved, the need for effective leaders has skyrocketed. For businesses to become truly empowering and innovative enterprises,... more

Your business can prosper. Even in today's economy, with all the challenges you face:

          • Reducing human resource costs
          • Expanding in a declining market
          • Out producing your competitors
          • Retaining your best talent
          • Creating new opportunities

You can accomplish more, achieve the growth you're looking for, and see your business thrive. What you need are the tools, knowledge and processes that will equip your organization to succeed today. The solution you're looking for is LMI.

LMI Dallas/Fort Worth produces measurable improvement in your performance and personal productivity through our proven programs, products and processes. We use a practical approach to equip you and your organization to make the changes that close the gap between potential and performance — guaranteed.

Use LMI to create a culture of innovation in your business.

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Present ideas and information that make a dramatic difference in all areas of your life.

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Deliver the means to achieve greater results.

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Help you realize personal and business goals.

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Deliver the means to achieve greater results.


Take control of your performance. Use our research-validated models to clarify your purpose, evaluate your progress and transform good results into great achievements.

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