Results Management




Results Management


"Performance measured is performance improved."
- Paul J. Meyer, Leadership Management, Inc. Founder


The most well-designed plan and strategy is only as good as its implementation. Failure in strategic planning is usually the result of ineffective results management.

Effective organizations measure specific, daily results that are tied directly to the plan and strategy.

The overall plan and strategy becomes the benchmark of daily operations and long-term vision.

With a simple but comprehensive results management system, daily action steps become a strong motivational force. Every LMI process includes a simple but effective results management focus so daily action steps become a strong motivational force for organizational progress.

  Results management

The LMI Results Management Systemô and software allows any size organization the ability to do just that at every level of the organization, even in remote locations.

Ongoing business coaching from LMI Dallas/Fort Worth and utilization of the LMI Results Management SystemTM and software allow any size organization the ability to measure specific and daily results, even from remote locations.

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